Martin Dimitrov artist blog. 

Sitting Woman with Spotted Shirt

The sitter had a very pale-white skin, which I thought was beautiful. In order to bring out the skin tone, I darkened the background slightly. I also simplified the background, which I think helps keep the interest on the spotted shirt.

I normally use a combination of Terra Rosa, Transparent Oxide Red and Viridian for my skin tones (and white of course). However, under her powdery-white skin, there was a strong pinkish tint - which made me pull out the cadmium red.

I quite enjoyed myself tonight. After chasing a moving light, and trying to capture the faces of talking, moving and grumbling people on the street - painting in the studio was relaxing :). This was a 3-hour pose at Scottsdale Artist School.

Sitting Woman with Spotted Shirt, 8"x10" oil on linen panel

Shirtless Man

Dale was quite the grumpy fellow. He was constantly fidgeting and mumbling how he was wasting his time. A couple of times I tried to ask him to stay still, but he was getting annoyed. He was actually pissed off regardless of what I did.  So I stopped talking to him and just tried to capture whatever I could, before he would decide to leave. 

At some point, he looked like he was reaching his limit, so I decided to wrap-up, pay him and leave him alone. Then, he came around to see my painting, and said: 

- Man, someone is going to shoot you for doing something like this!

- Why? - I said. 

- Because, it does not look like anything. 

Quite the character. If he could sit still, he would make a great portrait - since his face constantly expressed so much emotion (negative emotion that is) 

Shirtless Man, 11"x14" oil on linen panel

Homeless Veteran with One Ear

Barney is a war veteran. He was missing one ear, and was telling me that he was shot in his back (I don't know where in the back). He was hungry and thirsty too (I gave him a bottle of water and paid him a fair salary for his work). A man stopped by and told me that Barney was a good man, helping others and working to get people off the streets.

Barney was sinking in thought, but then also flashing a big smile whenever people passed by and said "hi" to him. I painted him sad, but maybe another time I will capture his smile as well.

For this painting I decided to paint Barney from above ( I was painting standing up, while Barney was siting in his electric wheel-chair.) I felt that painting him from above made for a stronger statement - it emphasized the fact that he is disabled and people usually look down at him. It also made him look smaller and weaker...

Homeless Veteran with One Ear, 11"x14" oil on linen panel


I was facing south. Guy was back-lit and completely covered by the tree shadow. However, for a brief moment around 3pm the sun sneaked through the leaves and lit his book and his cap. I decided to include those warm patches of sun. I also included an element (in the upper left corner) which was not there, in order to complete the composition.

Guy, 8"x16" oil on linen panel