Martin Dimitrov artist blog. 

Large-Scale Nocturnal on Location



A new project - painting a large nocturnal painting, on location. I loved the mood created by the warm street lights, the flickering distant city lights, and vast shadows. Since the lighting of the scene did not change much during the night, it was easy to return to the scene for multiple sessions. There were also some challenges: 

1) Transporting the painting. It was too large to fit inside my car, so I made a wooden box, which attaches to the roof-racks. The canvas slides inside the box and is secured using bolts, so that it does not move during the ride. 

2) Lighting. A book light does not work for a large canvas. Thus, I decided to use battery powered furniture lights. The lights were held in position by a smart-phone "goose-neck" holder, and the smart-phone holder was secured to a telescoping stand. It was a strange contraption. 

3) Easel and wind. I used one of my studio easels - a basic 3-leg easel. The easel had a weight attached for stability. The canvas was additionally tied down with ropes to guard against the wind. 

On to the next one.