Martin Dimitrov artist blog. 

Packing for Spain

Two weeks from now I will be in Spain, on an adventure of a lifetime - thanks to the Donald and Kim Jurney Travelling Fellowship. I am pretty much ready with my planning, and I thought I would share the painting supplies that I will be carrying. 

I hope to make a bunch of videos of my travels in Spain, and if you would like to follow along, please follow my youtube channel. 

Here is the text to include with your paints in the checked bag. Thank you Melanie Thompson. 

ARTISTS’ PIGMENT ENCLOSED The US Department of Transportation defines “flammable liquids” as those with a flash point 140 degrees F or below. Artist grade oil colors are based on vegetable oil with a flashpoint at or above 450 degrees F. THEY ARE NOT HAZARDOUS. If you need to confirm this, please contact TSA at 866-289-9673 or their Hazardous Materials Research Center at 800-467-4922. Take care when inspecting to prevent getting colors on clothing. THANK YOU for keeping us safe. To contact this traveler, dial (Your number here)