Martin Dimitrov artist blog. 

Lost and Scared

My wife and I adopted our dog Oggy about a year and a half ago. Since then, he has brought us so much love and happiness, that I cannot understand how we ever lived without him! Oggy is a sweet, loving and fun dog. 

However, when we first adopted him, he was skinny and shaking like a leaf - scared of everything. The people from the shelter told us that, he was dumped on the street from a car, and the car just drove away. 

I have been deeply touched by Oggy, and I felt so sorry for him when he was scared. I imagined him being lost and scurrying around on the streets after been abandoned. It is this image and this story, that I wanted to capture in my work. And while the work is inspired by Oggy, I did not want it to be a portrait of him, but rather a vehicle for expressing an emotion. Thus, I worked a lot from imagination - in creating the gesture of the pose, in exaggerating his undernourishment and more. Below is the finished clay, which will be cast in bronze (I have re-touched it a little after taking the pictures). 

After some months of work, I finally took it to the mold-maker today. In future posts, I hope to share some of the process of getting the wax and bronze. It has been a very challenging and rewarding project - I really loved working next to my boy, studying him and observing him. Observing how he moves, how his anatomy is expressed, etc. A fun example below, is how I measured his paws by dipping them in coffee and pressing them on paper. 

The timid and scared Oggy is now only a memory. He is currently confident and spoiled :) Here is one of my favorite videos of him playing with a sprinkler. 

Thank you for reading