Martin Dimitrov artist blog. 

Composition in Candlelight

24" x 36" Oil on linen panel

24" x 36" Oil on linen panel

This is the last painting that I completed in 2016. Working on it was challenging and inspiring (not to mention that it required burning a lot of candles). 

The colors, that the candlelight created, were absolutely beautiful, and I enjoyed contemplating them for hours. I painted them from memory (after periods of observation), as well as by using small book-reading lights shining on my canvas. The book-reading lights were carefully blocked off with panels so as not to interfere with the candlelight (Even thought, I captured a bit of their bluish effect in the shadow areas in the painting, especially in the white cup and the shadow that it was casting). 

The images above, show a couple of progress shots. A block-in with burned umber on the left, followed by a monochrome (values only) painting and a color study on the right.  

Using string and nails at the appropriate vanishing points, I made sure to understand the perspective correctly.