Martin Dimitrov artist blog. 

Painting Companion

I did a full day of painting yesterday and I am quite happy. I love it when the weather is dynamic and the clouds are moving. I completed  a couple of nocturnal paintings as well, but have not photographed them yet ... so stay tuned. Below is a picture with my phone from a painting that I did in the morning. 

In the afternoon, I enjoyed the company of this handsome guy. He must have been quite bored, because he wanted to attract my attention in all sorts of ways. He finally succeeded, when he started stealing my paint tubes and trying to chew on them or dig them into a hole.

After I took that picture, I realized the he had quite a bit of cadmium yellow on his lips. So I grabbed his mouth and tried to wipe it as good as I could. That yellow maybe tasty, but its not good for you.

The dog stayed with me the entire time that I was painting. When I completed my night painting at 8pm, he was still there. I felt bad driving away. I have some more paintings planned from that location, so I hope to see him again.