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Sitting Woman with Spotted Shirt

The sitter had a very pale-white skin, which I thought was beautiful. In order to bring out the skin tone, I darkened the background slightly. I also simplified the background, which I think helps keep the interest on the spotted shirt.

I normally use a combination of Terra Rosa, Transparent Oxide Red and Viridian for my skin tones (and white of course). However, under her powdery-white skin, there was a strong pinkish tint - which made me pull out the cadmium red.

I quite enjoyed myself tonight. After chasing a moving light, and trying to capture the faces of talking, moving and grumbling people on the street - painting in the studio was relaxing :). This was a 3-hour pose at Scottsdale Artist School.

Sitting Woman with Spotted Shirt, 8"x10" oil on linen panel