Martin Dimitrov artist blog. 

Shirtless Man

Dale was quite the grumpy fellow. He was constantly fidgeting and mumbling how he was wasting his time. A couple of times I tried to ask him to stay still, but he was getting annoyed. He was actually pissed off regardless of what I did.  So I stopped talking to him and just tried to capture whatever I could, before he would decide to leave. 

At some point, he looked like he was reaching his limit, so I decided to wrap-up, pay him and leave him alone. Then, he came around to see my painting, and said: 

- Man, someone is going to shoot you for doing something like this!

- Why? - I said. 

- Because, it does not look like anything. 

Quite the character. If he could sit still, he would make a great portrait - since his face constantly expressed so much emotion (negative emotion that is) 

Shirtless Man, 11"x14" oil on linen panel