Martin Dimitrov artist blog. 

Homeless Veteran with One Ear

Barney is a war veteran. He was missing one ear, and was telling me that he was shot in his back (I don't know where in the back). He was hungry and thirsty too (I gave him a bottle of water and paid him a fair salary for his work). A man stopped by and told me that Barney was a good man, helping others and working to get people off the streets.

Barney was sinking in thought, but then also flashing a big smile whenever people passed by and said "hi" to him. I painted him sad, but maybe another time I will capture his smile as well.

For this painting I decided to paint Barney from above ( I was painting standing up, while Barney was siting in his electric wheel-chair.) I felt that painting him from above made for a stronger statement - it emphasized the fact that he is disabled and people usually look down at him. It also made him look smaller and weaker...

Homeless Veteran with One Ear, 11"x14" oil on linen panel